Otto Ohle (b. 1993, Hudson, New York)


Selected Exhibitions

June 2020 - Covideo2020, The Way Out Gallery, Rennsealerville, New York

March/April 2020 - Live From Quarantine, The Internet / Hudson, New York

February 2020 - Funny Bone, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn New York

January 2020 - Digital Art Market, Ponzi Projects, Brooklyn New York - Video Art Exhibition curated by Sei Smith

January 2020 - The Llama Man, screening at Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn New York

November 2019 - The Llama Man, Screening + Untitled Works by Martin Muñoz, Ruby’s Hotel, Freehold, New York

October 2019 - Spotty Dog International Short Film Festival, Hudson, New York

September 2019 - The Llama Man, screening at Hilo, Catskill, New York

August 2019 - The Llama Man, screening and presentation of works by Martin Muñoz, Prattsville Art Center, Prattsville, New York

May 2018 - No Media, Passage Gallery, Purchase New York

November 2017 - Stinkbug Planet, The Glove, Brooklyn New York, curated by Cal Fish

August 2016 - On Photography, curated by Nancy Barton, Prattsville Art Center


June 2020 - Covideo2020, The Way Out Gallery, Rennsealerville, New York

October 2018 - Pranksters Ball, Prattsville Art Center

May 2018 - New Media Video Jam, Group Video Installation, Purchase College

October 2016 - Affair, group Video Art Exhibition, Prattsville Art Center


June 2019 - Chronogram Magazine

February 2019 - Mejor Informado (Argentina)

2016-2018 - works featured on Sex Magazine

2016 - Emerging Artist Feature, Musée Magazine

Grants & Awards

2016 - Barnabas McHenry Hudson River Valley Awards, The Open Space Institute, New York, New York


2020 - Light, Color, and Shadow, Catskill Wheelhouse School

2019 - Creating Web Experiences, Powrplnt, Brooklyn New York

2019 - Digital Video Workshop, Catskill Wheelhouse School

2016- Digital Dialogues, Prattsville Art Center